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With quite a few other types of workers reporting on-the-job satisfaction, as well, it should be clear that there are jobs that appeal to a wide variety of workers.

One Springfield Area Employer Offers a Better Deal to Its Workers

With an unemployment rate now below three percent, Springfield is a fine city in which to be a worker. Even compared to the rest of the state, opportunities abound in Springfield, meaning that workers can afford to be selective.

Area employers like gold mountain communications stand out with regard to just how much they offer to their own employees. The telemarketing jobs that the company hires for end up being some of the most rewarding of all for those who take them.

Many Reasons to Choose One Employer Above the Others

This is true in quite a few different respects. Workers who accept gold mountain jobs can count on advantages including:

Generous pay. Particularly compared to the levels of experience and education required, positions here tend to be extremely well compensated. The company reports that its workers average about $21 per hour, with some top performers piling on commissions which can nearly triple that figure. With little more than six months of prior telemarketing or sales experience being asked for, many job seekers in the Springfield area can qualify.

Retirement saving. Almost uniquely among companies in its industry, Gold Mountain also matches employee contributions to its 401(k) retirement program. Being able to start saving early on can be a huge advantage for the typically young workers who most often sign on with the company, so the value of this benefit should not be overlooked.

Bonuses. In addition to the commissions that offered to each and every worker, those who perform at an especially high level can count on regular bonuses, as well. With these cash infusions adding directly to the compensation associated with the job, working for this employer becomes even more attractive.

Insurance. Health insurance has become more expensive than many individuals can even imagine paying on their own. Workers at this particular employer receive not only generously subsidized health coverage, but also insurance directed at dental and vision needs. In addition, the company also contributes to life insurance policies that can become valuable in any of a few different ways.

An Employer Determined to Compete for Springfield's Best and Brightest

The healthy employment market in the Springfield area leads quite a few companies to seek ways of becoming more attractive to workers. Some of these, however, stand clearly above the others with regard to just how much effort they put into this quest. Working for an employer in this relatively elite group can entitle an individual to benefits of numerous and significant kinds.